Untruthful claims by disgruntled former contractors

This blog is a brief response by the founders of Gather Online, David Price and Michael van Andel, to the false allegations made by 2 former contractors in multiple blogs online.

It's very easy to write anything with no basis in truth or fact online and damage someone's or a company's reputation. So how can someone on the internet know what is true?

1) All the claims have been independently investigated by the crowdfunding platform which invested into our company, Gather Online, on behalf of over a hundred investors. These crowdfunding platforms found no truth to any of the allegations made by the contractors (We have documentation to verify this)

2) Google has found the claims false and defamatory and removed many of the blogs under this legal finding. The contractors are simply reposting the blogs under new URL's quicker than Google is removing them. (We have documentation to verify this)

3) We have informed our private investors of all these allegations and many have chosen to invest further in our new funding round. Sophisticated investors, in general, research all investment risks thoroughly, so if there was any foundation to the allegations, such further investment would not occur. (We have documentation to verify this)

4) We have commenced legal action against these contractors. The legal system takes time. If the truth was not on our side, we wouldn't be able to take legal action. (We have documentation to verify this)

5) Most of the claims are on their face ridiculous and not remotely believable. The former contractors have made multiple claims which no reasonable reader would ever find believable. As per point 1 and 2, all claims have been found to be false, but furthermore, you shouldn't reasonably put any weight into any claim from someone, if many of the other claims they are making are clearly not believable.

Kind Regards,

The Directors
Gather Online
David Price and Michael van Andel